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Nimda Fuels & Futures

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Our vision is to build up strong links with our customers based on our high levels of quality, helping them to be the leaders on their own markets, earning confidence and the golden partner level tag.

Nimda Fuels & Energy sales digital oil, crystals, futures, and stocks using Nimda Private Banking's infrastructure. At the same time, through Nimda Petroleum Institute we are creating an advanced research on data mining and extraction, as well as developing experimental distribution methods.

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Digital Oil

In 2014, Nimda Corporation drilled a hole into the Lleratnac Field through the Versu RIchelieu region in Second Life to start milking data out of the metaverse. As Nimda identified information as digital oil, and the Lleratnac Field as its container, this activity soon expanded into other software and networks.

Our current oil basket offers data banks through 3D printed oil barrels and are sold for the same price that the Mexican Crude Oil Mix has. This price is determined by the Bank of Mexico (Banxico). Barrel sales are limited to availability.

Please click here to get to know our mixes.

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Data Crystals

Since 2017, our technology allows us to use 3D printing as process to crystallize data into different shapes and sizes.


Nimda's data crystals react to the human touch to remember us how information is generated by human interaction. In this sense, we have created an asset that remains interactive after it is extracted from a computer.


The value of our crystals is backed up by its crystallization time, and for the moment, the production is limited to a 50 kg plastic mine acquired by Nimda in 2020. Because of this, they are our most economically stable commodity. 


Stock Echange

Nimda's Stock Exchange was operated by Nimda Commerce bank from 2012 to 2018, when it passed into Nimda Private Banking's control.

Nimda Stock Exchange works also as a centralizing tool that distributes futures of different commodities, as well as stocks and participation in our different projects.

A Nimda Private Banking Trading Account is needed to post purchase and sale orders. Futures, stocks and options trading involves substantial risk of loss and is not suitable for every investor.

Please click here to visit our Stock Exchange.

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