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Real Virtuality

Nimda Corporation Real Virtuality branch focuses in an advanced research of online activity to foster a better understanding of our online life.

Nimda's Real Virtuality concept finds its origins in our Second Life experiments conducted between 2012 and 2014 in Versu Richelieu, however it is not limited to them. Behind this concept lays a large body of ideas that seek to see computer technology for what it is and not for what we want it to be: a tellurian element that allows remote and fast connections between one or more territories.


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Be anywhere with anyone, right now

Go virtual space hopping, attend events, shop the Marketplace, and check what others are up to in the Metaverse.

Or visit Nimda's Family room,

Open Mon-Fri 20:00 -21:00 hrs

For more info click here

Farmacéutico ayuda a la mujer de edad av

Explore safely

Ever since Newfoundland got wired with Valentia Island using a transatlantic cable, and until rise of GPS and Wi-Fi, present day internet was borne out of the war and oil industry. Hence, it has not been militarized. It has popularized itself and masked to fit in our daily life.


1- In the midst of an infowar we have opened a  branch named Nimda Dynamics that is militarizing data. Click here to know more.

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