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The Nimda Petroleum Institute


Lleratnac Mix

Lleratnac Oil Barrels are Nimda's original data Mix. Only 20 barrels were

produced. This mix contains works by: Alonso Cedillo, Gabriela Ceja, Aldo Chaparro, Miltos Manetas, Nora Renaud, Fran Ilich, and UBERMORGEN.COM


Terranova Mix

Terranova Oil Barrels contain 8 stl files to print internet ready-mades that resemble Marcel Duchamp's and a 1 minute film of a walkthough of a virtual Duchamp exhibition at the grand staircase of the RMS Titanic.


Miller's Mix

PP Oil Barrels contain 12 stl files to print a collection of different urinal designs, each of made by an anonymous contributor to a 3D model internet data base.

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