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N i m d a

what don't we do?

Cultural Invesments

Nimda Cultural Affairs was established in 2012 to nurture creativity in the internet. The job of this nimda corporation's branch is the creation of experimental ways of making art works, journalism, and cultural documentation, that can be publicly exhibited and enjoyed.

Eventos creativos

Nimda Endowment for the Arts

Nimda Endowment for the Art's most notable projects include, and prizon records. The Nimda Endowment for the Arts provides generous support to the Nimda Fund for Contemporary Art, Nimda Film Club, Nimda Museums Authority and Friends of Corruption Museum

Hombre de negocios en un coche

Herritage and Estate Management

Combining curatorial experience, administrative and management skills, an active awareness and knowledge of contemporary art, and a keen eye for quality artwork, we offer one of the best services in the field.

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