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Traversing Earth and crystallizing data

Nimda Minerals is part of an ongoing effort of Nimda Corporation and its subsidiaries to carry on a tellurization of the internet and it's information. The objective behind these activities is to show the internet as an earthly product and not as a derivation of science fiction.

In this sense it is crucial to understand the role that information is playing in our world. In the 21st century data has liquefied itself, gaining the ability to be streamed, leaked, evaporated, stored, and in our case, crystallized. In order to move, it traverses Earth through a vast net of underground and underwater cables, becoming even more valuable than oil and gas. 

As a joint effort of Nimda Private Banking, The Nimda Petroleum Institute, and Nimda Minerals, the tellurianess of the internet has been sought to oppose the ideas of singularity with the ones of multiplicity. For us nothing is connected to everything (and will never be). Instead, everything is connected to something, and that is what matters and makes the internet so unique.

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