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Traversing Earth and crystallizing data

The digital mining activities of Nimda Minerals started in 2016 with the acquisition of 8 crystallization codes programmed by Alonso Cedillo for Nimda Corporation. In 2020, Nimda Private Banking acquired the crystal codes along with an ABS plastic lava source and engaged in a massive informational mining act.


During the next years, following the law of supply and demand, Nimda Minerals will be producing a limited but unknown amount of lava crystals by exploiting a 15,000 grams plastic source.

Once the  mine runs out, no more crystals will be produced and the source codes will be destroyed. In this sense we are creating a fiduciary commodity that can be traded in or outside our market.

Instead of growing, our mining capability will reduce with each passing day, ensuring the possibility of an exponential growth on crystal demand.

In this way, our crystal mining process executes a commoditization of data while using an informational flux to melt plastic into different forms.

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