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The Nimda Petroleum Institute

Regularly called The Ller, The Llertnac Field is an informational well that was established in 2014 by Nimda Petroleum Institute deep on different servers around the globe.

In Nimda, we are transforming information into a commodity by leeching it to the Mexican Oil Market, to store information in barrels as digital oil. These Oil Mixes change their value every day in relation to the Mexican Crude Oil price, becoming a tangible commodity that can be bought or sold.

The Lleratnac field uses three servers and the underground optic fiber network. Before entering  The Ller, just as all kinds of data, our digital oil literally travels through the earth until it reaches one of our three deposits. In this sense, it is nourished with earthness ensuring that in spite of its virtual nature, our products remain tellurian. 

*Our data mixes contain files that can be distilled using printers and drives. Codes included .stl, .pdf, .dmg, .iso


*Please contact your personal executive for barrel acquisition.


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